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I’m Tamara Wilson-Cisnero, Founder of Wilson-Cisnero Consulting LLC. I’m a physician by trade who enjoys working on clinical quality improvement. I have worked with the underserved since I arrived in the USA in 2005. I have experienced firsthand as a caregiver and as a healthcare professional the impact of poor healthcare literacy as a Social Determinant of Health (SDOH). 
This problem became even more evident during 2020 when COVID-19 hit. That’s when I started collaborating with Ibero American Action League Inc., a local community leader who has been a beacon of light for the LatinX community in Upstate and Central NY and other local healthcare providers. I’m now the host of El Poder de Tu Salud (The Power of Your Health), a 30 min weekly health talk show on the radio at El Poder 97.1 FM. 
My mission is to provide clear-cut bilingual health and healthcare information to our community and educate our providers more culturally. Because the heroes in scrubs and white lab coats that we trust with our priceless health need the necessary tools to better care for us.
If you are a healthcare provider interested in providing a more culturally sensitive approach to patient care, I’m here for you.
I’m here to help you close The gap so that You can close many others.

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